Aleeza got inspired by the nature of Marrakech and is produced by experts in the Netherlands. The main ingredient we use for the Glowing Beauty is the prickley pear seed oil made by woman cooperatives. Prickly pear seed oil is one of the most expensive beauty oils in the world. Its production requires a labor intensive and time consuming process (up to four days). This process is handled by women cooperatives in Marrakech.

Aleeza’s best kept secret is the Glowing Beauty Oil. This unique dermatologic tested product is a nourishing oil and serum in one. Due to the prickly pear stem cells and almond oil that has been added, the oil is suitable for all skin conditions. The beauty oil reduces the signs of aging and provides a young, elastic and radiant skin. This multifunctional product gives the skin an extra boost with a soft, smooth and radiant effect as a result.

 • Hydrating
• Slows aging
• Refines skin texture
• Reduces visible wrinkles and fine lines
• Provides nourishment for a soft and supple skin
• Promotes elasticity
• Radiant skin
• Antioxidants for self-regulating effect

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Aleeza’s products are 100% tolerant for your skin. Meaning that the products are gentle on sensitive skin and effectively work with skin problems. The vegetable oils provide skin protection, nutrition and optimum improvement. All of the products used to create Aleeza’s products are 100% natural and come from a fair and sustainable production process.

Dermatological tested
• Free of parabens
• Fragrance-free
• Free of dyes
• Free of SLS and SLES
• Free of chemicals
• Free of synthetic ingredients
• Free of mineral oils


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